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Services & Locations

I am pleased to offer pregnancy, postpartum and pediatric chiropractic care services in Cochrane at Shifra Wellness Centre, in Calgary at Moss Postpartum House and in Redwood Meadows at my home clinic.  Please view services below and click applicable location to schedule. I look forward to seeing you. 



Pregnancy can come with lots of new sensations in our bodies. Aches and pains are common during each stage of pregnancy but catered chiropractic care is an amazing tool to help understand and manage them along the way.  There are countless things that you may have been told are "normal" or "just part of pregnancy"... this is my zone of genius! The aches and pains are "common" but don't have to be debilitating. I've got you! There's so much we can do (both in and out of the office) to help you feel good in your body throughout the different stages of pregnancy.

And if you'd like some immediate relief between now and when I see you, be sure to head over to my community area for some mama hangs, where I offer hours of free video tutorials that might help the discomfort you're experiencing now. 

Dr. Gillian Sawyer
Gillian Sawyer

Post Partum


Your babe has arrived. Way to go mama! Postpartum is a beautiful and consuming season, where as mama's we pour so much into our new born babes. Its important you take the time to care for yourself as you heal from your birth experience and ease into the life with babe.  My gentle chiropractic care for new mamas is intended to care to  help you feel better in your body and understand the changes that have taken place. I know how it feels to be living in a sometimes unfamiliar space as we experience our bodies transition from baby in, to baby out. There's some critically fundamental steps I can walk you through at any stage on your postpartum journey to help you feel you again. Hint... it starts with your breath....



Like all of my chiropractic care, my approach with kids is gentle and welcoming. My goal is to connect with your little one and understand how I can help. The most common feedback when I work on babies is how relaxed they are and how gentle the treatment is. With my older kiddos parents report requests for a visit with Dr. Gillian to find the "popcorns". I try to make it fun for them, I work to involve them in their care and have them help me care for the stuffies around the office. The approach I take with little bodies is catered to their size, the structures we are working on and the goals of treatment. I want both you and your little one to feel comfortable and confident with the treatment and care plan.

Gillian Sawyer

Everyone is Welcome

I get asked a ton if you can still come to see me if you've never been pregnant or are past the "pregnancy, postpartum, "4th trimester" space. The answer is yes! Absolutely. I love seeing those lightbulbs go off with women that have feel very far from this stage of life and still feel off in their bodies... there's no right or wrong time to feel better. My care is catered to our bodies and needs as we transition through all the stages. 



“I’ve seen Dr Gillian through 3 of my pregnancies & she’s seen 3 of my babies. From numbness to pain to getting babies sleeping & eating better - she’s saved my butt countless times!”


Jill G


Sessions & Fees

Adult Initial Chiropractic Assessment & Treatment 

Adult Follow-up Chiropractic Treatment

Extended Adult Chiropractic Follow-up

Pediatric Initial Chiropractic Assessment & Treatment 

Pediatric Follow-up Chiropractic Treatment

After Birth Postnatal Reassessment & Treatment 

Chiropractic Reassessment & Treatment 

Pre/Postnatal Movement Group Workshop 

 (60 min)      $165

 (15 min)      $65

 (30 min)      $95

 (30 min)      $125

 (15 min)      $55

 (30 min)      $95

 (30 min)      $105

 (60 min)      $45


Dr. Gillian Sawyer

Feel Better Now

Join my virtual community to access hours of my at home mobility and breath work tutorials so you can feel more comfortable between now and your next appointment.

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