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My name is Dr. Gillian Sawyer and I want you to know that you are not alone. The journey of motherhood is a beautiful and complex one, filled with countless physical, mental and emotional components. 

Consider this a place where you are seen, heard and supported both physically and emotionally.  My clinical work is intended to assist you in the whatever season of motherhood you're in. The biological experience of being and becoming a mama is powerful and my clinical practice is designed around the nuances of this journey. 

Beyond chiropractic care, I have a heart to  support mamas on the emotional journey of motherhood as well. I hope this space reassures you and encourages you in that way. 

For whatever your motherhood journey holds, consider this a safe space to feel seen, supported and understood. 


Providing a soft place to land on the journey into and through motherhood.

Dr. Gillian Sawyer

A safe community for mamas to feel connected, seen and supported. 

Comforting words from a Dr. and mama who deeply understands how complex and beautiful motherhood can be. 

Gentle chiropractic care for pregnant and postpartum mamas as well as their babes.

The Doctor is in.

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Gentle, prenatal, postpartum and pediatric chiropractor serving mamas and their children through pregnancy and beyond. 

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