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Pregnancy Related Hip Pain (Part 2): At Home Care

Releasing Hip Pain related to Pregnancy at home… Part 2

How much time do we spend in the kitchen?! For us the kitchen is the center of our home.

Here are 3 quick tips to give your pelvis a break while you’re in the kitchen! The best part is you have everything you need and they take no time at all 🙂

Step 1 – Deep Squat – this is so easy!

All you need is a sink for this deep squat. I know deep squatting is one of those things that’s recommended a ton when it comes to pregnancy. One tricky thing I have found is getting into the proper position. It’s one thing to get down… but when pregnant in my experience you need to have a well planned out “getting out of that position” plan! I have to give credit to my pelvic floor physiotherapist Gayle @Lakeview Physio here in #YYC. She taught me this variation at our 20 week appointment. (PS if you have a pelvis, I’d highly recommend pelvic floor physio – I went post-partum after my first babe and am currently continuing care about every 6 weeks during this pregnancy… I’ll do a follow-up blog post with more information on this topic because its so important!).

The focus of this deep squat is actually to release the pelvic floor. If you are feeling pressure/heaviness after being on your feet all day try this for 30 seconds or so. I’m really hanging off of my lats here ( it’s a really great stretch through the shoulders as well). I’m aiming to get my shins in a vertical line (knees stacked over ankles) and I’m feeling a deep stretch in my hips. I have no pressure/pain/heaviness/strain in my pelvic floor at all in this position… that is the aim, pay attention to that for sure!

Step 2 – Calf Release (posterior chain release)

This one also super easy! Takes about 30 seconds again per side. Grab a kitchen towel fold in in half lengthwise and roll it up into a cylinder. Place the towel on the ground and place your forefoot on the towel (heel on the ground) try to stand with your feet side by side in a natural stance. You will feel a good stretch in the calf. The key here is alignment of the rest of your body. You want your ribs over your hips. No tilt up or down on either hip and no lean forward or back. I’ve been doing this stretch for years (I first came across it through Katy Bowman’s work) and I just find it so helpful during pregnancy for releasing tension in the backs of the legs and as a result I always feel a release in my lower back and pelvis… it really takes the pressure off. I leave this towel tucked under the island and do this stretch at least a few days per day!

Step 3 – Standing Alignment Variation

This last tip in the “kitchen series” is just a quick posture modification. I find when I’m standing at the sink (especially with a bump) that I’m always leaning forward and reaching. This is SOOOO hard on your sacrum/SI joints/lower back. I recommend this standing modification to everyone, pregnant or not. Literally just swing opened the cupboard underneath the sink and place one foot on the ledge. You can switch back and forth from side to side as needed. This simple modification will put your pelvis in a better position. Your ribs will be over your hips, no leaning/reaching for the sink and it takes so much pressure off of your lower back. Give it a try next time you feel the tension in your lower back!


Left pic – I am leaning forward/ribs flared 🙁

Right pic – modified – no lean, ribs over hips 🙂

Hope this is helpful mamas!

22 weeks and counting!!!


Dr. Gillian


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