The 4th Trimester with Dr. Gillian


Have you had that moment yet? Sitting in your home after you’ve had your baby… all alone… the newborn bliss is being replaced by sleep deprivation and you're thinking… Seriously? What just happened?

Your "new normal" doesn't feel that normal, so many things have changed…. You are tired of feeling like you are the only one struggling with motherhood or feeling overwhelmed… AND it’s keeping you from enjoying your baby.

You keep wondering... "Why didn't anyone tell me … how your pelvic floor would feel, how long it really takes to heal …how to navigate the crazy hormone stew we live in postpartum and how it changes our sex drive… how your brain feels without sleep, how different your relationship feels?" and you are thinking  "how am I ever going to get back to my "old self", will by body ever feel the same..." the list goes on…

You know what?!? You are NOT alone and the majority of us feel pretty lost in the transition into motherhood. Sometimes we don't even know what to feel, or what to ask, but things just feel off in our bodies and overwhelming at times...

At 6 months after I had my first baby, my mom passed away… I was lost and went into survival mode… at that time I actually felt like I was “killing it” mostly because I was surviving the HARDEST time in my life…. Fast forward to 6 months after my second baby…I was in a hellish cycle of sleep deprivation, I was not feeling myself, my toddler was turning 3, there was no time for me, no time for us, our relationship was strained, there was nothing left to give, I wanted to move my body but I had no energy and didn’t know where to start, my body was starting to hurt, I didn’t recognize my life anymore, grief was bubbling up, I was anxious more often than not and I had MAJOR guilt for not “enjoying” my time with my girls because I was just so overwhelmed. Things were starting to unravel on me…


Here's the thing...

This isn't about getting your "pre-baby" body back at ALL or ANY cost...This isn’t about pretending like everything is OK, this isn’t about dismissing how we are actually feeling just to be the "perfect mom"…because how we feel emotionally/mentally matters.. How our bodies feel and function after having babies is REALLY important. It sets the stage for how we FEEL and our overall health beyond being a mom.


"I've had a really hard time with postpartum anxiety and breathing and for the first time since my son was born 8 months ago I have actually felt like I've been able to breath. Since you sent that breathing video last week it has literally changed my life."

- Melanie

The transition into motherhood ...

"Dr. Gillian shares information/tips from how to look after our physical bodies to our mental health. It is apparent how much she cares and wants to spread her wealth of knowledge to all women. I love receiving her emails, they are so real and honest."

- Amy

"When I first met Dr. Gillian Sawyer I instantly felt comfortable and at ease; the kind of comfort that you have with your best friend where you are just hanging out at the kitchen table drinking wine and reminiscing about “that one time we went away for a girls weekend and this one thing happened..” kind of chats and then you both bust out with fully belly laughs until you are crying comfort zones. That’s just how safe and open the space is that she creates for others.

No judgement, no assumptions, no expectations on her end; just the space to be vulnerable and open and honest as she is ready to listen to every single struggle & concern & misunderstandings we women have when it comes to pregnancy, postpartum and just all things #momlife.

She is my personal go-to when I am in need of advice and a solution as she is that person who just “gets it.” Plus her solutions are not a one size fits all kind of thing; they are very specific to our individual needs & unique lifestyle.

She is the real deal and is the person with the solution that we as women have been desperately searching for!"

Stacy, Fat2Fitabulous

Meet your Women's Health Experts...

Samantha Cattach - Your Pelvic Floor Health Postpartum

Jen Reddish - Grief, Body Image, Mental Health Postpartum

Dr. Carrie Mitchell - Your Hormone Health Postpartum, Libido, Sleep, Stress

Dr. Andrea Clarke - Your Hormone Health Postpartum, Breastfeeding, Your Cycle

Trista Zinn - Hypopressives & Your Core Postpartum

Jessie Mundell - A Safe Return to Exercise Postpartum, Your Core & Pelvic Floor

Shannon Kane - Birth Trauma, Postpartum Mental Health Checklist

Allison Goundry - Yoga Nidra Guided Practice for Mama

Here's What You're Getting When You Purchase #YourBodyAfterBaby Today...

  • 5 VIDEO interviews from leading Women's Health Experts around the world.

    You’ll see interviews from a pelvic health physiotherapist, a postpartum mental health counsellor, 2 Naturopathic Doctors, the Director of Hypopressives Canada, and my fav Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist.

  • Downloadable Postpartum Checklist

    A simple checklist to be able to better understand the status of your mental health.

  • DIY instructional Videos

    From alignment, to breathing, to assessing your Diastasis, to Anatomy.

  • A BONUS guided YOGA NIDRA Recording

    For when we need to get back into our bodies, to feel grounded, rested and present again.

  • Articles & Guidelines written by our Experts

    Topics ranging from sex postpartum, hormones & libido, guidelines to returning to exercise, to birth trauma & grief.

  • Weekly Check-ins from me for the next 4 weeks

    To stay connected… so I can check in to see how you are doing… and for you to ask any questions!

"Dr. Gillian's knowledge and commitment to her patient's health, wellness and families in particular makes her approach effective but personable and authentic. This combination of qualities I find rare but when you find them they are worth holding on to. Keep on with your amazing and worthwhile work Dr. Gillian."

- Dr. Christina Bayley

Who is Dr. Gillian?

I'm a mama of 2 little girls. I've dedicated my professional career to helping moms through pregnancy and postpartum. I spend my clinical time helping moms have pain-free (reduced :)) pregnancies, help them prepare their bodies for delivery and feel supported stepping into motherhood.

This program came to be as I often sat in my rocker after both my babies wondering why nobody talks about any of this. Why everyone is putting on the perfection of motherhood and why there aren't more resources to help moms feel supported in this critical time.

You being here validates the importance of this work... and I can't thank you enough!


Dr. Gillian

Who #YourBodyAfterBaby is for...

  • For mom's who think they are the only one feeling the way they are.
  • For mom's who still don't feel good in their bodies.
  • For mom's who want to get back into exercise safely
  • For new moms or seasoned moms
  • For mom's who feel just not themselves but can't figure out why
  • For mom's who want more for themselves
  • For moms who feel like nobody understands and just want to feel validated
  • For moms who don't recognize their bodies and are not sure what they are feeling and if its normal
  • For moms who want to have a functional core that allows them to do the daily activities they desire
  • For moms who want to simplify and enjoy postpartum
  • For moms who want to be armed to the correct information and feel empowered about their bodies

Who #YourBodyAfterBaby is NOT for....

  • If you are trying to get your "pre-baby body" back
  • If you are willing to risk your long term health to get back into those jeans
  • If you are not opened to learning a new way
  • If you don't feel like there is any room for improvement in how you feel mentally & physically
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