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Online Programs

FOR MOMS...BECAUSE #MOMLIFE and NAVIGATING POSTPARTUM can be OVERWHELMING... I've been there, I am there and I get it.

Mama THIS program is for you.

#YourBodyAfterBaby... I have brought together Women's Health Experts from around the world to help you navigate

ALL . THE . THINGS .  POSTPARTUM... that nobody talks about.

Normalize your postpartum experience & understand your body after baby.

REGISTRATION is now opened right here!

"Movement & Motherhood" Retreats and Workshops



Taking those mini time-outs is critical as a mom isn't it?!? Join myself and Dr. Stephanie and a few of my fav women's health professionals for a full day just for you. Enjoy company from other mamas, great food to nourish your body, learn how to move safely, reconnect to your core & pelvic floor, flow through postnatal yoga and build friendships that will last a lifetime!!!


Our mini "Movement & Motherhood" workshops are for mama's at any stage postpartum... these may be easier to work into life if you babe is still little. These 2 hour workshop will guide you through alignment, safe movement, the core and pelvic floor connection and safe strategies to incorporate exercise in your busy #momlife. Can't wait to meet you!


For all the details, locations and times head over to


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Free online events

Join me 9:00 pm MST, the last Monday of every month live on facebook for "HEALTHY MAMAS SERIES"... Where we chat about everything #momlife, pregnancy, postpartum.


At the Clinic


My clinical practice in located in Cochrane AB, Canada. I work alongside an amazing group of Midwives, Naturopathic Doctors, a Pelvic Floor Physio, a perinatal counsellor, pre/postnatal massage therapist and a birth educator.


I am currently accepting new pregnant, postpartum & pediatric patients. You can book with me right HERE.